Unlock the Secrets to Financial Security

Unlock The Secrets To

Financial Security

Join us as our world-class experts show you how to automate wealth, create positive money habits, invest for a richer life, retire in style, and eliminate your debt.

Attendance is FREE and 100% Online

Start living your best life right now

Unlock The Secrets To

Financial Security

Join us as our world-class experts show you how to automate wealth, create positive money habits, invest for a richer life, retire in style, and eliminate your debt.

SAVE THE DATE: Jan 1-6, 2024

Attendance is FREE and 100% Online

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Live Your Best Life

Do what you WANT to do, not what you have to do

Sleep Soundly At Night

Discover how to wake up with more than you had yesterday

Retire Like A Rockstar

Live life on your terms, without having to downsize

Should You Register?

That depends…  Are you constantly stressed about money?  

It's exhausting to live under the shadow of financial uncertainty, questioning every expense, dreading each bill, and feeling you’ll never be able to live the way you want.

This relentless anxiety can seep into every aspect of your life, from sleepless nights to strained relationships.  It's not just about money; the constant stress affects everything you do.

At FIN$EC, you’ll unlock practical tools and strategies to free you from the daily struggle of not having enough.  

Discover how to navigate your financial landscape with confidence, build a secure future, and replace anxiety with a sense of empowerment and freedom.

World-Class Thought Leaders

Meet the visionaries revolutionizing financial security and personal finance.

These esteemed experts are at the forefront of financial innovation, providing transformative ideas and tools to empower your journey.

Bernadette Joy

CRUSH Your Money Goals

Scott Donnell


Afshin Moshrefi


Kyle Fowler

Financial Flippers

A Unique Approach To

“Financial Security”

This isn’t your typical, boring, stuffy, financial event. 

We designed FIN$EC with a holistic approach in mind.  It covers “financial security” from every angle, allowing you to focus on what matters most to YOU.

There are five “tracks” to this event, as represented by the acronym S.M.I.L.E.

Systems for success

Discover the easy way to build wealth through smart money habits backed up by automated savings and investing.  You’ll learn simple strategies that will set you on the path to financial success.

Money mental wellness

Transform stress into confidence by redefining your relationship with money from "frenemies" to "allies” in your quest for a healthier, happier, abundant life.

Investing and trading

Learn how to accelerate your path to financial abundance with fundamental, time-tested strategies for long-term investing and short term trading in the markets.  Grow your wealth wisely at any experience level while carefully managing risk.

Leave the workforce on your terms

Plan your ideal retirement at any age rather than letting someone else tell you when and how you can retire.  Pursue your passion instead of punching a timeclock.

Eliminate bad debt

Explore effective methods to pay off your mortgage, bills, and credit cards within months or years instead of decades, while avoiding future debt.  Experience a peace of mind like no other.

Experience The Change You Deserve!

Financial Security Summit Piggy Bank Makin' It Rain

100% Free to Attend

  • No registration or attendance fees

  • Access to all sessions and materials at no cost

100% Virtual

  • Enjoy the convenience of attending from your home or office

  • Save money by not spending on expensive travel and hotel fees

100% Customizable

  • We designed FIN$EC with 5 separate tracks

  • Each Track covers “Financial Security” from a different angle

  • Choose your own adventure and attend only the sessions that are right for YOU!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Summit really free?

Yes, the Financial Security Virtual Summit ("FIN$EC", for short) is completely free to attend. We believe in making valuable financial knowledge accessible to everyone, especially those struggling with money issues. There are no hidden fees or costs for attending any of the sessions on the days they are released.

Our aim is to provide you with the tools and insights you need to achieve financial stability without adding to your expenses.

However, while attending the Summit is free, maintaining the site and the content indefinitely incurs ongoing costs. Therefore, if you wish to have long-term access to the sessions and get additional exclusive materials, we offer a VIP Gold Pass.

The VIP Gold Pass allows you continued access to all the Summit content and some special extras. The purchase of this pass helps support the platform and ensures we can keep providing these valuable resources far into the future.

How do I attend the sessions?

After you register, we'll send you a link on the morning of each day of the event to access the "virtual stage" for that day.

Each day will have a separate and unique link. Be sure to check your inbox each morning for the new link.

What if I miss a session? (or an entire day?)

If you happen to miss a session, or even an entire day of the summit, don't worry!

Each session is recorded and will be available on the day it is released and up to midnight on the following day.

However, please note that after this two-day viewing period, the sessions will no longer be freely available.

If you want continued access to one or more sessions beyond this two-day window, we recommend signing up for the VIP Gold Pass.

The VIP Gold Pass grants you extended access to all the summit content (plus a few exclusive bonuses), allowing you to review the sessions at your own pace and convenience, long after the summit has concluded.

Are the sessions live or recorded?

All the sessions at FIN$EC have been exclusively pre-recorded for this event.

We brought together a wide range of in-demand, world-class experts in multiple fields of financial security, each sharing their unique insights and invaluable strategies.

Finding a single week in the calendar that aligned with the schedules of all these premier experts turned out to be logistically challenging, to say the least.

So to overcome that, and to ensure we could provide the highest quality, up-to-date, fresh content, we decided to pre-record each expert individually within 30 days of the event.

This approach has allowed us to create a spectacular experience, offering you the very best from each expert, tailored specifically to one of the five "SMILE" tracks in this summit.

In addition, we'll share the contact information for each expert so you can follow up with them via their websites and/or their preferred social media channels.

We are thrilled to offer these sessions in a unique and comprehensive format, specifically designed to help you master the art and science of financial security.

Why do you call it FIN$EC?

Great question!

First, because 'Financial Security Virtual Summit' is quite the mouthful (12 syllables!).

Second, because the full name is so long, we wanted to create a distinctive and catchy abbreviation for it. 'FinSec' merges 'Financial' and 'Security', perfectly capturing the essence of our summit.

Third, we've chosen to capitalize the entire name and added a creative twist by replacing the 'S' with a dollar sign ('$'), making it 'FIN$EC'. This not only makes the name more striking and memorable, but also visually emphasizes the financial focus of our event.

While you're welcome to refer to it as the 'Financial Security Virtual Summit' (like we still do at times), 'FIN$EC' offers a concise and direct representation, mirroring the streamlined and focused nature of our expert-led sessions

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Welcome to FIN$EC, the Financial Security Virtual Summit.

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Register for FREE!

Welcome to FIN$EC, the Financial Security Virtual Summit.

Sign up now for FREE access to all our great speakers and transform your relationship with money and finances from "stressful" to "successful".

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Unlock The Secrets To Financial Security

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